Network Management and
Performance Analysis

Comnisicent leverages network data and subscriber movements to measure relative carrier network performance on a geographic market level. We provide data to our clients as well as consultative services to help our clients interpret the data and make the best choices for network investment and optimization.


Network Maintenance

Professional Services

API Solution

Comniscient provides a standard API via its cloud based infrastructure. Through this API clients can access our data as it’s available and analyze it or integrate it with other information at their disposal.

Professional Services

Comnisicient has a team of industry experts that help clients drive actionable insights from its network data. Ranges of analysis include future capital investment in networks on a geographic market basis, relative network performance between service providers, and expected capital investment and network performance over the next twelve months.

Web based Platform

Comniscient has a unique web-based platform that allows its clients to view and query data that helps them manage the current performance of their networks and also allows them to manage future network investments.

Local Number Portability (LNP)

More than half of the phone numbers in service in the United States and Canada have been ‘ported’.

In other words, the current service provider is different than the carrier which originally issued the telephone number. In order to know how to route phone calls to the current carrier, each phone number must be looked up in the local number portability database to determine the current carrier and that carrier’s local routing number (“LRN”). The LRN is also used in reconciling various types of charges and is used in auditing of carrier bills. For these billing related uses, it is important to maintain the porting history of a telephone number by date. Comniscient Technologies provides multiple solutions tailored to your requirements.

Web Queries

Comniscient Technologies provides several different implementations of this solution. First, there is a server based application that requires a user ID and password and which accepts one query at a time. The inputs are a ten digit telephone number and optionally an ‘as of date’. This application works across all standard browsers.

Online Batch/FTP

In addition to handling one query at a time through a web inteface interface, this solution also supports online batch processing of up to 20,000 queries at a time. For larger batches, there is an FTP site where the user can upload batch files. Processing is continuous and each user account is configured with an e-mail notification such that when a batch has been processed an e-mail is sent to the user with identifying batch information. Batches are limited in size to ten million records per file. Input arguments are the same as for for the web based query solution.

Transaction Based

This is a real-time transaction based solution where the carriers switch fabric sends SS7/TCAP or SIP INVITE messages to either the SS7 Controller Point Codes or the IPv4 public addresses managed by the Session Controllers (all in Converged SCPs operated by Comniscient Technologies). The response message is either a properly formatted AIN 0.1/0.2 SS7/TCAP message containing the LRN or is a SIP 3XX message using either a Contact header or an SDP payload to return the LRN and flag the call as having been LNP dipped.