Comniscient Technologies has the singular goal of using market data to help wireless and landline carriers make better network related operational decisions.

Telecommunications carriers, both landline, and wireless are not sure how their network quality stacks up with their competitors.   Carriers also don’t know how much subscriber traffic will change in the short and medium term.  This information is vital for carriers to be able to manage their networks and to invest in their networks wisely. Where should I invest in my network?  Where should I add additional capacity immediately?  Which markets do I want to invest more to maintain my advantage?  Which markets do I want to divert operational attention from? Comniscient helps answer these questions and more by tracking metrics that allow carriers to ascertain how well their network is performing in the market, how their networks compare with competitors and forecasting metrics that help carriers know where and when to invest – improving network maintenance, network operations, and network investment.  These insights are valued from the Financial Analyst to the Network Engineer to the C-Suite.